About Tempest

The Project

It is not easy to grasp the various aspects of revolutionary activity. It is even more difficult to grasp everything in terms of a complex project that has  its own intrinsic logic and operative articulation. That is what I mean by revolutionary work.
-Alfredo M Bonanno.

Tempest originates from a desire to expand the possibilities that we have
for revolutionary activity. We see it as one project among many that compliment each other and that, together, comprise a wider revolutionary
projectuality; that is to say, a clear direction, a logic and a dynamic with a revolutionary drive at its heart.

The collective that initiated Tempest (none of whom speak German as a first language) had experienced common frustrations due to the dependency and difficulty that had arisen as a result of our position as migrants. We were continually stumbling over the same (mostly linguistic obstacles when attempting to self-organise, intervene or initiate our own meaningful projects; Tempest was originally created as a step towards overcoming these frustrations.

Tempest has a multi-lingual library that consists of anarchist and radical
texts which people are invited to borrow and, with respect to the distro, to
take for a contribution. But for us, Tempest is much more than a library;  it breathes beyond the walls that frame it and the books that fill it.

Indeed, alongside the linguistic motivation already mentioned, Tempest
has been created with a will to find others with whom we share ideas, frustrations, dreams and, above all, the desire to act in order to make
our lives our own through a struggle against the structures that currently prevent this.

It was this desire to push the project beyond being a self-referential space that motivated those involved to move to the new location in Reichenberger Str. Tempest is now more accessible and more visible and will therefore hopefully begin to find complicity with those both inside and outside of the revolutionary movement.

It is not enough, however, to remain inside the spaces that we try to redefine. We want to move beyond these spaces and to find opportunities where we are able to work alongside others (anarchist or  otherwise) in struggles taking place within a broader social context.



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