Events for June

This month we are doing a series of films about strikes and unions.  The both films are set in and around Harlan County a mining area in the southern USA.  Matewan is a dramatised account which offers a lot of background for the second movie Harlan County USA a documentary from the 1970’s.

Sunday June 20 18:00

Matewan (1987) English

Mingo County, West Virginia, 1920. Coal miners, struggling to form a union, are up against company operators and gun thugs; Black and Italian miners, brought in by the company to break the strike, are caught between the two forces. Union activist and ex-Wobbly (IWW), sent to help organize the union, determines to bring the local, Black, and Italian groups together in their fight against the bosses and capital.

Sunday June 27 18:00

Harlan Country USA (1976) english

This film documents the coal miners’ strike against the Brookside Mine of the Eastover Mining Company in Harlan County, Kentucky in June, 1973. Eastovers refusal to sign a contract (when the miners joined with the United Mine Workers of America) led to the strike, which lasted more than a year and included violent battles between gun-toting company thugs/scabs and the picketing miners and the supportive women of the town.


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