Upcoming Events

Here is a list of events for November. Don’t forget to check for updates!

Anarchist Reading Group. Sunday November 8 15:00

We will be looking at different Anarchist texts beginning with Against the Logic of Submission by Wolfi Landstreicher heres a quote from the back of the pamphlet:

“The desire to change the world remains merely
an abstract ideal or a political program unless
it becomes the will to transform one’s own life.
If joy and wonder, and a beautiful, indomitable
existence are what we want, we need to try
to achieve this here and now in rebellious defiance
against all domination, eradicating the logic of submission
from our lives, and our relationships and
our revolutionary struggle – for the destruction of
politics and the creation of life without measure.”-Wolfi Landstreicher

Here is a link to the PDF


or just come by we have plenty of copies.

Anarchist Film Night and Tempest Soli Voku at XB Liebig 34. Tuesday November 24 21:00

We will be presenting Vivir la Utopia (“Living Utopia”) by Juan Gamero Living Utopia Spanish with English subtitles. Discussion to follow film.

This documentary-film by Juan Gamero consists of 30 interviews with survivors of the 1936-1939 Spanish Revolution, and is in our view one of the better documentaries dealing with the theme. The testimony of the anarchist militants are very moving indeed, and are showing the constructive work of the social revolution in Spain. This “Anarchy in Action” meant: on the land around 7 million peasents form collectives, in the city 3000 workplaces collectivised, 150 000 join the anarchist militias to fight fascism, as well as cultural activities and the movement of the Mujeres Libres to free the women from patriarchy.


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