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HipHop Soli Concert! 21.04.2011

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Soli Concert in Koma F.

Begins punctually at 10pm.

with : “Cavalera & Nergal” (Collectif Mary Read/ FR), “Drowning Dog& DJ Malatesta” (Entartete Kunst/ USA+ITA) + “Acero Moretti” (ITA)

Soli Konzert im Koma F
Beginn pünktlich 22.00 Uhr!
mit : “Cavalera & Nergal” (Collectif Mary Read/ FR), “Drowning Dog& DJ Malatesta” (Entartete Kunst/ USA+ITA) + “Acero Moretti” (ITA)

Köpenicker Str. 137, 10179 Berlin
(Nähe Ostbahnhof)

Discussion: North Africa and the Middle East

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Soli Party!!!16.04.2011

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Soli Party at K9 (details of location below)

Saturday 16th April 22:00

“Looking For Freedom”. Die Anarchosyndikalistische Jugend Berlin feiert ihr zweijähriges Bestehen und lädt zum Tanzen. Die Einnahmen gehen zum einen an anarchosyndikalistische Arbeit in Berlin und zum anderen an die Tempest Library, um ihr aus der schwierigen finanziellen Lage zu helfen.
Moskaus Rache für Rambo (Trash), Special Guest (Trash), Brühwurst (Techno), Schlendrian Klimperbeats (Techno).

“Looking For Freedom”. The Anarcho Syndicalist Youth Berlin is celebrating its two year anniversary and invites you to come and dance. Takings will go towards anarcho-syndicalist work in Berlin and to Tempest Library to help out with the financial situation there.Moskaus Rache für Rambo (Trash), Special Guest (Trash), Brühwurst (Techno), Schlendrian Klimperbeats (Techno).


Kinzigstr. 9, 10245 Berlin
(U-Bhf. Samariterstrasse)

Soli bar at Fischladen- Saturday 19th March

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Great for a first drink to get the night going or a last one to finish it off…also great if you stay all night!

Come and support Tempest by drinking at Fischladen!

Open from 7pm until late.

Rigaer Strasse 83



Ein Anarchistisches Programm- Eine Lesung 12.03.2011 18Uhr

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Die Anarchosyndikalistische Jugend  Berlin (the Anarchosyndicalist Youth Berlin) will host a reading of texts by the Italian anarchist Errico Malatesta. Texts will centre on the topics of elections, anarchism, propaganda of the deed, and anarchy and violence. There will also be some musical accompaniment to these readings. The event will hopefully help to raise awareness of the Tempest Library and it’s current financial difficulties. Drinks will be available and proceeds will go to Tempest.


Open meeting for workers, and those who fight against work. Part 2.

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Join us at Tempest Library for the second
‘Open meeting for workers, and those who fight against work’

Saturday 26th February 2011
Tempest Library

We held our first meeting in December as part of a series of events looking at work and Capital. (For some background information on these events please see the flyer below).

The meeting was positive and well attended with many fresh and inspiring ideas circulating. There was a clear desire to have another meeting in order to develop the discussions that had begun and, hopefully, to explore some concrete projects together- we don’t just want to talk about work, we want to do something about it!

Come with proposals, ideas and the will to act!

Saturday 26th February 2011

Soli bar for Tempest Library at Erreichbar

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Montag, 14.3. ab 20.00uhr
Erreichbar (Reichenberger 63a, 2.HH)

Soli-Erreichbar-Tresen mit kühlen Bieren und lecker Cocktails
diesmal: Soli für die multilinguale, anarchistische Bibliothek “Tempest”


Monday, 14.3. from 8pm.

At Erreichbar (Reichenberger Strasse 63a 2.HH)

Soli-Bar for the multilingual, anarchist library “Tempest” – beers and
cocktails for the social storm!


For more information on the house project and the bar collective that is hosting this soli night check out:

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Open Meeting- We need financial support!

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Open Meeting at Tempest Library-
Wednesday 16th February 2011.

A call for financial support.

As many of you who use the space already know,  Tempest library runs entirely on contributions given by the administrative collective and by others who use the space and participate in the project. Before moving to Reichenberger str. 63a we asked individuals interested in the project to committ to a six month period during which they would make regular contributions towards rent. This system functioned relatively well for the first few months but slowly and predictably contributions have dried up and we have had to use money that was raised at our infrequent soli-paties to cover rent and electricity.

We are not disheartened.  This is a call out to all those who feel an affinity with the Tempest and who would like to see the space remain open. Our rent contract lasts until the beginning of January 2012 and, for at least this time, we would love to continue as a project, a library, and a meeting space. In order to do this we need a clear demonstration from other comrades that they share this desire; right now we need solidarity in the form of financial support.

We pay: 400euros WARM (including electricity, heating) per month.

Without the financial support of rent contributors, we will be forced to close the space.

This is a great opportunity to talk not only about the finances of the Tempest, but also about the project in general. We hope that the project will be able to continue and we look forward to hearing your voices.

Tempest crew